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I offer several Workshops for Fortran programmers who must develop, maintain or enhance numercial applications. Typically, each lasts a week or less, and each one focuses on working on the participant's application. Typically, the workshops are given at your work site, you should have 10 to 20 programmers attending. All our workshops are intended for the scientist, engineer, economist or statistician who uses computers as a part of the job, not as an end in itself. Any changes recommended are motivated by clarity of expression, ease of use, portability, and/or efficiency. I also co-lead workshops offered by Sourcery, Inc.

Coarray Fortran

My Coarray Fortran is a two-day workshop designed to bring the Fortran 95 programmer up-to-speed with coarrays as defined by the upcoming Fortran 2008 standard. Coarrays are a programming paradigm within the Partitioned Global Address Space (PGAS) class of parallelism (as is UPC or Titanium). If you are comfortable with Fortran arrays, you can learn coarrays quickly. Coarrays are a simple syntax to allow expression of parallel programs with clarity and efficiency.

For more information about our Coarray Fortran Workshop, please visit this page.

New Features of Fortran 2003/2008

My Fortran 2003/2008 Workshop is a one day workshop designed to bring the Fortran 95 programmer up-to-speed with the new features of Fortran 2003. These new features include Parameterized Derived Types, Object Oriented Fortran, Interoperability with C, Standardized Access to IEEE 754 features, Improved Derived Type Input/Output, and more. Some compilers are already starting to implement these features. Fortran 2008 also has Enhanced Modules, Coarrays, and many new intrinsic procedures.

For more information about our Fortran 2003/2008 Workshop, please visit this page.

Modernizing, Optimizing and Parallelizing Fortran Applications

Okay, you've had the Fortran 95 Class. Now, what do you do with your Fortran 77 application? My Modernization, Optimization, and Parallelization Workshop, MOP for short, can help you keep your application development moving forward.

Not intended as a comprehensive presentation of modern Fortran features, the Workshop presents a step-by-step program, using wherever possible tools freely available from the Internet, which enables the participant to confidently plan and execute a course of action for modernizing, optimizing and parallelizing their existing, trusted Fortran applications.

Emphasis is placed on run-time performance, memory management and portability of the resulting program. The workshop shows how to acheive these goals using a discliplined, evolutionary strategy.

For more information about our MOP Workshop, please visit this page.

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Parallelizing Fortran Programs

So, you've had the HPF class and the MPI class. You've bought and read the parallel computing textbook. But how do you parallelize your Fortran application?

There are so many schemes for parallel processing, from directive based schemes to message passing. Parallelizing an application from a large vector processor also presents the programmer with cache management issues which affect parallelization.

This Workshop explains the issues facing the application programmer when attempting to parallelize an existing application, and presents the programmer with the tools and strategies needed to efficiently parallelize the application.

No one parallelization scheme is favored, rather the programmer is guided through the process of choosing a scheme which best suits the application, the amount of effort available, and then actually implementing the parallelization. The emphasis is on helping the programmer understand the issues and trade-offs involved in choosing a parallelization strategy, and then having realistic expectations for the needs of their application, and the level of effort required by the different parallelization schemes.

For more information about my Parallelization Workshop, please visit this page.

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Using fthreads

If you've downloaded our fthreads module, or are thinking about doing so, and would like to be up to speed quickly using it, my fthreads workshop is the answer. This is a comprehensive, one week workshop on the use of fthreads on Intel computers running MS Windows. We will work on your Fortran application during the workshop to get it running on multiple processors as soon as possible, and to ensure that you understand how the parallelization was accomplished.

For more information about our fthreads Workshop, please visit this page.

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Customized Workshops

If none of my off-the-shelf workshops fits your needs, talk with me about customizing a workshop for your situation. I can deliver a workshop on Fortran 90/95, future features of Fortran 2003/2008, parallelization of numerically intensive applications, or a related topic. Contact me and tell me your needs.

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For more information, please email me at dannagle@verizon.net.

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