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About the Module trig_functions

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The module trig_functions contains some trigonometric functions beyond those found in the intrinsic procedures. This module uses module standard_types, which may be obtained from the Portability Project pages. The source code requires use of the coco preprocessor to select code for the real kinds supported by your processor. The operators and functions are provided for all real kinds.

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A list of procedures defined follows.

cot() is the cotangent function.
acot() is the arccotangent function.
sec() is the secant function.
asec() is the arcsecant function.
csc() is the cosecant function.
acsc() is the arccosecant function.
sinh() is the hyperbolic sine function.
cosh() is the hyperbolic cosine function.
tanh() is the hyperbolic tangent function.
coth() is the hyperbolic cotangent function.
sech() is the hyperbolic secant function.
csch() is the hyperbolic cosecant function.
asinh() is the hyperbolic arcsine function.
acosh() is the hyperbolic arccosine function.
atanh() is the hyperbolic arctangent function.
atan2h() is the hyperbolic arctangent function of two arguments.
acoth() is the hyperbolic arccotangent function.
acot2h() is the hyperbolic arccotangent function of two arguments.
asech() is the hyperbolic arcsecant function.
acsch() is the hyperbolic arccosecant function.
sind() is the sine function of degree argument.
cosd() is the cosine function of degree argument.
tand() is the tangent function of degree argument.
cotd() is the cotangent function of degree argument.
secd() is the secant function of degree argument.
cscd() is the cosecant function of degree argument.

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To download the bit_functions module, click trig_functions. This module depends on the standard_types module, see the portability project for information about how to make one for your compiler. This module also requires the use of the coco preprocessor to compile code for the kinds supported by various processors.

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